We're looking for a happy, helpful team to help out at Australia's biggest disc golf event of the year. Tell us what you want to do, and if you can't do something (or don't want to) tell us too? We want you to get as much out of volunteering at ADGC 2022 as the event will get from you volunteering.


To be clear - this doesn't mean you can volunteer to exclusively chaperone Drew, Jen, or Scott for the tournament. We need greeters, spotters, parking guides, and folk who can refill the hydration stations around the course. All types. But we want our volunteers to have a great time while they get important things done.

Volunteers will cycle through numerous tasks over the event, some on course where they can see the action, some not. We want to be open about this, taking feedback throughout the volunteer scheduling process, and will try to give everyone a bit of everything. The organisers will be mucking in there too - balancing work at HQ with work out on course. It's all about making sure our players have the best experience we can give them, so we won't be handing out scut work and taking the prime jobs all for ourselves. 

What we can promise you is a some TBD goodies in a Volunteers Pack, and that on Sunday when it gets to the pointy end you will be out there watching in prime position. With the experience our players will have they will instinctually clear a path at the sight of a volunteer shirt so you get the purest view of the best-of-the-best when they're playing for keeps. 

Which days can you volunteer for?
Tick the box even if you can only do limited hours - you can get specific about your availability below

Tell us what you want to do - we want you to get as much out of volunteering at ADGC 2022 as the event will get from you volunteering. In the field below start with:


  • When, on each day you're available - what times can you be at Tunnel Ridge Ranch helping out?

  • Is there anything in particular you think you could excel at?

  • If you're volunteering for the working bees - do you have any useful equipment you could bring along to get the course in tip-top shape? Do you have any tickets that let you operate landscaping equipment/machinery?


Again - we want this to be as rewarding for you as your help running ADGC 2022 will be to the players, so don't be shy about putting it out there. There's a lot of work to be done - if we know your abilities and what you want to get out of volunteering we can try and fit them as best we can.

Shirt Size (roughly is fine, we'll be in touch to sort you out for a volunteer pack)

Thanks for volunteering for ADGC 2022! You'll get an email soon with further details.